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We are specialists in the field of image consulting

Building corporate cultures for organizations that outlive their founders is what we live for. We dream of a world where organizations and their cultures are passed down through time; evolving to stay relevant, come rain or shine.
We understand that the culture of an organization is the binding force the organization has on her employees, clients and even stakeholders; this competitive advantage can be used to improve performance, build customer loyalty and create a completely blue ocean for any organization in an industry with stiff competition.

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10 years of experience
what we do

Our specilization

We offer comprehensive image management coaching and styling, customized according to your specific objectives to assist in optimizing revenues.

Developing amazing personal brands is the core of what we do. Our commitment is understanding your uniqueness and amplify it in a highly crowded marketplace.

Our etiquette courses are designed to build well-rounded individuals, able to glide through diverse life experiences with appropriate manners at all times.


What people say

The work ethics here is quite impressive. Correspondence was done in a timely manner, working with ZinnyStyles is always an experience I relish.

The corporate culture of my firm took a leap after ZinnyStyles came in for a session. Management was able to know how to define the corporate culture and reward the behaviours that align. Our effectiveness as a team have improved as a result.

Before Zinnystyles, it was just a bunch of persons working together, now, after a thorough session on "Personnel Branding", we have a better understanding of Branding and how that we are brand ambassadors for the organization and must send out the right perception every time. We are excited!!!

The professionalism at ZinnyStyles is impeccable. The attention to details, punctuality, professional communication and the entire aura of the firm is positive, energetic and quite refreshing. They are what they preach, 24/7 practising etiquette. They are a epitome of corporate excellence in today's business world.